Xero Review Part 5 – Pricing

Xero offers a lot and it's far from the cheapest software around. There are three packages:

1. Small

  • Send five invoices per month
  • Receive five invoices per month
  • Reconcile 20 bank statement lines per month
  • £12 per month + VAT

Xero say this is ideal for freelancers and small property investors. We're not so sure, a contractor with a single client will be fine with it but they have little benefit for the additional functionality that Xero offers over cheaper rivals so we're not too sure who would use this package.

2. Medium

  • Everything's unlimited
  • £19 per month + VAT

Most UK businesses will buy this package and it does everything that's possible with Xero apart from foreign currencies.

3. Large

  • Everything's unlimited
  • Foreign currency functionality
  • £24 per month + VAT

It's the medium package but for businesses that require multi-currency functionality.

Pricing Verdict

Xero is far from the cheapest accounting software out there but if you are a growing small business we think the price is easily justified.

We think the automated bank feeds and reconciliation system alone mean that you will save more than an hour a month of time doing your accounts compared to other packages, which easily warrants the premium. We'd say the pricing is fair but no bargain.



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