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Xero Accounting Software ReviewXero is one of the best known cloud accounting applications. The business was started in 2006 and is generally the recognised leader of online accounting software for Small Businesses.

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Part 1 - Usability
Part 2 - Features
Part 3 - Design
Part 4 - Accountant's view
Part 5 - Pricing

Our Review in a Nutshell

When we think about any accounting package we automatically end up comparing it to Xero. In our view Xero is currently the best online accounting package out there for small businesses and probably medium sized businesses eventually. Also, because of the huge support Xero receives from third party developers it's starting to look difficult for another provider to knock it off it's perch.

However, Xero may not be for all. It's a bit pricer than other packages and will include a load of functionality that just isn't required for micro-businesses. If you are a one man band and intend to stay that way think about FreeAgent or KashFlow. If you have ambitions to continually grow your business Xero is the way to go.

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