KashFlow Review Part 2 – Features

KashFlow has plenty of features and definitely covers the basic requirements of any small business.

What's special

Automated bank feeds - No. We think automated bank feeds are part of what make online accounting so exciting but KashFlow just hasn't got there yet. Maybe soon?

Dropbox - There is some very neat integration with Dropbox, which allows you to put files in and out of KashFlow via your Dropbox folder. We heard this was recently put together by the CEO Duane Jackson over one weekend, which says something good about Duane or how easy it is to build KashFlow apps (or perhaps both!).

Third party apps - KashFlow's selection of third party apps is probably second only to Xero (not the number). It can certainly be said that there is a lively ecosystem of developers working to improve the KashFlow experience for niche businesses.

To us third party apps are vital for the future of an accounting package. It's just not realistic for a developer to cover every possible feature a user might want but third parties can identify gaps and quickly fill them.

GoCardless - GoCardless is one of the more exciting recent third party apps. It's a system for collecting payments from customers that works through the direct debit system and therefore can be used for one-off payments or recurring payments. Early feedback suggest it's going down really well with users.

Below we list a lot of the features. It is far from comprehensive but should give you a good idea.

Built-in features

  • Invoicing - raise a sales invoice with your company logo, automatically email it out
  • Recurring (eg. monthly) invoices are also possible
  • Multi-currency, but it doesn't allow foreign bank accounts.
  • Fixed asset depreciation (it's a bit fiddly if you don't input it when you buy the asset)
  • VAT returns - direct link to HMRC
  • Overview of outstanding invoices
  • Project monitoring - allow you to track specific projects
  • An iPhone app (we haven't used this but do note some pretty bad reviews in the App store)
  • Credit Control - you can arrange for automated invoices to be sent to clients that haven't paid on time
  • Integration with Mailchimp to easily send newsletters to your customers
  • Remittance advice slips
  • Dropbox integration
  • Basic inventory management
  • Contact management

Add-on features

  • Payroll
  • Sophisticated inventory management
  • CRM system integration - including Salesforce.com integration
  • PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay integration
  • eCommerce integration
  • Freshbooks integration
  • Time tracking apps
  • Receipt Bank integration - document scanning

You can see a more complete list of Add-Ons here.

Features Verdict

KashFlow is not short of features and they have shown a history of delivering new features rapidly and unexpectedly. Xero has the edge on third party apps but we're sure KashFlow is very much still in the game for building up the all important app ecosystem.




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