KashFlow Review Part 4 – Accountant’s view

KashFlow provides a whole other front end interface for accountants called Orbit Accounts, which is as nice and easy to use as KashFlow. From here you can exert considerable control over what functions are available to clients, see when they last logged in and store important documents.

Functionality for accountants

  • Customise welcome emails to new clients
  • Create default settings and a default chart of accounts for new clients
  • Amend the branding and colours that users see
  • Set up a white label version (allowing accountants to pass off KashFlow as their own software)
  • RapidFire bookkeepers

RapidFire bookkeepers is a nice addition. It's an old-fashioned downloadable app that you can use to enter large amounts of transactions quickly. Which is ideal for setting up new clients or doing a big catchup if clients books get behind.

Pricing for accountants

Up until fairly recently KashFlow offered a £1,000 a year package to accountants that allows them to buy client licenses for £99 + VAT each, a pretty hefty discount that pays for itself if you have around 12 clients and a good incentive for accountants to push their clients into KashFlow over a different package.

I mention this as I think it's good to have as much pricing transparency as possible.

This offer isn't available to new accountants but KashFlow have promised that they will continue to honour the arrangement for existing partners.

The best advantage is ease of use for clients

Accountants tend to spend a fair bit of time educating clients how to use accounting software effectively. The time spent with KashFlow can be a lot less than with others.

You also don't tend to have as many situations where clients do something very strange that takes a long time to untangle and as the complicated stuff is mostly hidden away it's pretty hard to break KashFlow.


Things we would like to see improved as soon as possible are:

  • Automated bank feeds - this saves both clients and accountants loads of time and KashFlow must catch up with other vendors here.
  • Reporting packs - Xero offers some pretty exceptional management reporting packs that calculate a load of useful KPIs and output them in a nice shiny report. KashFlow currentlt lacks a similar function.

Accountants' Verdict

KashFlow definitely care about their relationship with accountants and it shows. Ultimately though the best thing they do for accountants is make software that clients find really easy to use, which to us is worth more than any number of special functions.




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