KashFlow Review

KashFlow is a UK focused cloud accounting application aimed squarely at small businesses. They're been around a while and shown great enthusiasm for interesting PR stunts. They're the most entertaining team to follow on Twitter but are they any good at accounting software?

See our five part review here:

Part 1 - Usability
Part 2 - Features
Part 3 - Design
Part 4 - Accountant's view
Part 5 - Pricing

Our Review in a Nutshell

To us KashFlow is the best thing out there for what people have taken to calling 'micro businesses'. It provides a very easy introduction to online accounting and has plenty of functionality to allow a business to continue to keep control as it grows.

We have some frustrations, the lack of an automated bank feed is probably a deal breaker to some and better management reporting would improve the overall experience.

That being said we only expect KashFlow to get better over time.



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