FreeAgent Review Part 5 – Pricing

FreeAgent have three pricing options:

  1. Sole trader - £15 + VAT per month
  2. Partnership - £20 + VAT per month
  3. Limited company - £25 + VAT per month

As always accountants can get the software cheaper so you might want to consider finding an accountant that will bundle the license fee with year end tax and accounts. Other users may have it bundled with a Barclays Bank Account.

Pricing verdict

FreeAgent is pretty expensive in our view. The overall experience is not nearly as rich as with Xero, but for most users it will be more expensive. We find this a bit strange given the target user needs a simpler service than Xero's ideal user.

However, FreeAgent has the most users in the UK (probably helped a lot by Barclays) so clearly users don't mind paying.




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