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FreeAgent Accounting Software ReviewFreeAgent differentiate themselves from their competitors by targeting a clear niche of freelancers and contractors. It's an approach that seems to be working they're, currently the online accounting software leader in the UK with over 20,000 users. Well ahead of Xero with c.13,000.

In our review we'll be looking at FreeAgent with the target user in mind but also thinking about how it might work for other businesses.

See our five part review here:

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Part 2 - Features
Part 3 - Design
Part 4 - Accountant's view
Part 5 - Pricing

Our Review in a Nutshell

FreeAgent's focus on freelancers and contractors works really well and shines strongly through the software. If you are a limited company contractor then there is no better software for you.

We'd encourage users to think about where they want to take their business. If you want to stay as a one/two person company then FreeAgent will be perfect. If you have ambitions to get bigger you could find yourself outgrowing the software.

FreeAgent will still work for businesses with a handful of employees (we'd definitely take it over Sage) but think you might feel you are using software designed for someone else, in which case try Xero.

Finally, it's not the cheapest option but we'd encourage that not to sway you too much. The time you will save using well designed software is far more important.





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