Clear Books Review Part 5 – Pricing

Clear Books comes in three packages:

1. Growth

  • 80 transactions a month
  • No VAT
  • £5 per month + VAT

2. Established

  • 200 transactions a month
  • VAT
  • £10 per month + VAT

3. Premium

  • Unlimited transactions
  • VAT
  • £15 per month + VAT

A note on transaction numbers

A transaction is any entry to the system. In reality Clear Books offers half the number of transactions described. Raising a sales invoice is one transaction and receiving a cash payment for that invoice counts as another. To my mind that's one transaction but not to Clear Books.

Bear in mind that in the last month of the year it is likely that there will be quite a few extra transactions to be added. For example fixed asset depreciation. If you do all this at the end of the year each fixed asset will require 12 depreciation transactions. Consequently if you have just 7 fixed assets you will immediately use up your monthly transactions usage on the Growth package.

Pricing Verdict

Clear Books is cheap there's no denying it. The £5 a month package should be sufficient for most micro-businesses and offers a considerable discount to rival offerings.


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