Clear Books Review Part 4 – Accountant’s view

Clear Books provides little in the way of extras for accountants. When you first log in you get a list of your Clear Books clients but that is about it.

Pricing for accountants

You can be a Clear Books partner if you have two clients using Clear Books. Clear Books partners can buy licenses on behalf of clients for £7.50 per month and this provides the top £15 per month package. Frustratingly £7.50 is more than the most basic package Clear Books offer.

Estimated Corporation Tax

Part of our job at accountants is to make sure that our clients always have an appreciation for how much tax they are going to have to pay based on profits to date.

Clear Books is the only accounting package we have seen that provides a simple illustrative calculation of estimated corporation tax on profit and loss reports. We like this a lot, you can see it at the bottom of the screenshot below.


Things we would like to see improved as soon as possible are:

  • Reporting packs - Xero offers some pretty exceptional management reporting packs that calculate a load of useful KPIs and output them in a nice shiny report. ClearBooks currently lacks a similar function.
  • 100% reliability - As is noted elsewhere in the review there have been some problems in the past. In my view failures are damaging to the entire industry. There will always be the occasional bit of unexpected downtime but Clear Books hasn't got on top of providing clear communication when it happens.

Accountants' Verdict

We'd normally recommend KashFlow over Clear Books.

That is not to say Clear Books is a bad system in anyway, we just don't see enough to make it really stand out to our clients in comparison to other packages.

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