Clear Books Review

Clear Books Accounting Software Review

Clear Books is an online accounting package aimed at Small Businesses that started in 2008. They now have over 2,500 customers. It's the cheapest of the mainstream cloud accounting packages, but is it good value?

See our five part review here:

Part 1 - Usability
Part 2 - Features
Part 3 - Design
Part 4 - Accountant's view
Part 5 - Pricing

Our Review in a Nutshell

Clear Books provide the cheapest entry into the world of Cloud Accounting and offer a decent service. Price aside though it's hard to find anything that really makes it stand out over and above others such as KashFlow and Xero.

If you have very few transactions and price is really important to you then the £5 option might make Clear Books the right choice for you. Though we don't think many users that trial a variety of online accounting packages will be opting for it though.


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