FreeAgent reaches 20,001 users

FreeAgent Accounting Software ReviewFreelancer focused online accounting software maker FreeAgent today announced that they have 20,001 users. You can read their own blog about it here.

This compares to about 13,000 UK users for Xero (we don't have figures for KashFlow or Clear Books). Presumably the FreeAgent number is global but as far as we know they don't have a particularly big global presence.

We believe this scale is important in the war between online accounting software providers. It's the nature of these things that one company tends to get something like 80% of the market with everyone else sharing the remainder.

One thing that FreeAgent really have going for them is that many small businesses end up with a license after opening a Barclays small business bank account. We'd be interested to know how many people actually use it though, there are thousands of unopened Sage boxes around the country that have been sold by pushy bankers.

Well done FreeAgent!

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