Crunch give away free online accounting software

Update - We have since heard that Crunch have discontinued their free software offer.

Crunch have made the bold move of allowing anyone to use their proprietary accounting software for free.

Crunch are different to most accounting software developers in that they are a firm of actual accountants as well as accounting software makers. Up until now the only way to get hold of their software was to be a fully signed up client, paying £59.50 for an online accounting service that covers the usual compliance services for small businesses and freelancers.

Although a stripped down version is free they've put some limits on its functionality.  You can though pay £9.50 a month to get some extra features like bank feeds, reporting and data exports. The data export potentially means that you could use Crunch software whilst keeping your existing accountant.

Many would argue that accounting software development and accounting itself are very different disciplines best left to specialists. Whether this move is the start of Crunch shifting their focus to software or an attempt to ease users into becoming full accounting clients remains to be seen.

It's been a while since we looked at the Crunch software so will add a review sometime in the future to see how it compares to the likes of Xero and KashFlow.

You can access the software here.

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